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Zentrum für Lehrer*innenbildung
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Teacher Education Study Programs

Teacher Education at MLU

To become a teacher in Germany, one is obliged to undergo an educational program comprised of multiple stages. The first phase of teacher education takes place at university where students need to successfully pass/graduate with the first state examination. The second phase is realized in schools where students have to serve a specific time as pre-service teachers.

Infos und Flyer zu den Studiengängen im Lehramt

Leaflets in English

Flyer Lehramt an Grundschulen (English)

Leaflet - Teachers for Elementary Schools.pdf (217.1 KB)  vom 27.08.2018

Flyer Lehramt an Sekundarschulen (English)

Leaflet - Teachers for Secondary Schools.pdf (217.1 KB)  vom 27.08.2018

Flyer Lehramt an Gymnasien (English)

Leaflet - Teachers for Gymnasia.pdf (217.7 KB)  vom 27.08.2018

Flyer Lehramt an Förderschulen (English)

Leaflet - Teachers for Special Schools.pdf (224.1 KB)  vom 27.08.2018